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Greater London Urban Area

15 Oct

Greater London Urban Area As can be seen from the map above, the official Greater London Urban Area now includes many of the surrounding towns in the London conurbation. Were it not for Green Belt land in between the legs of this ‘spider’ the whole of the area above, and perhaps beyond, would be completely […]

Uncertainties, Probabilities and Possibilities

12 Oct

Everything is in a state of constant flux. Nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty. If it could we would have no free will. This is why messages about the future from psychics are notoriously unreliable. While some may be accurate at the time, reflecting what is in people’s minds to do, that prediction can […]

Learning from past mistakes, the GDR and beyond

07 Oct

  The German Democratic Republic (GDR/DDR) was founded 64 years ago today in the former Soviet Zone of Germany, following the declaration of the Federal Republic of (West) Germany in the three Western occupation zones. Berlin was also divided into four occupation zones, and the Soviet sector of Berlin became the capital of the GDR. […]

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