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Karma, Life Plans and Human Free Will

23 Mar

There are some extremely controversial and offensive theories going around what some would describe as ‘New Age’ religions. This came to prominence recently when William Roache made an insensitive remark which was to do with karma inherited from past lives. Bill Roache is an actor I much admire for his Spiritual beliefs as well as […]

Birthdays and celebrations

21 Mar

Yesterday was my 68th birthday, and my mother (aged 98) kept saying we should be doing something special. We had some drinks, cakes and chocolates, plus a meal. I don’t see what else we could have done really. Her lift is out of order for the next few weeks, so going out would have meant manhandling […]

Spies Who Fooled The World/Iraq War Panorama Special

18 Mar

Well they didn’t fool me or millions of others. In fact they didn’t fool French or German Intelligence, or British or American Intelligence. The program made clear that the decision to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime had been made and so-called ‘intelligence’ was made to fit the facts.  Flaky intelligence from unreliable sources was used to […]

Local government in the UK

14 Mar

We once had a simple, universal three-tier system of government in the UK: national government at Westminster (except that Northern Ireland also had Stormont), county councils and local government such as boroughs, urban districts and rural authorities. Now it is much more complicated. As well as national assemblies/parliaments in Scotland and Wales, though not in […]

Falklands Referendum

12 Mar

The residents of the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands have just voted in a referendum on whether they want to continue to come under British jurisdiction. Unsurprisingly 99.8 % voted ‘Yes’ to remaining a British Overseas Territory. As with all votes of around 98 or 99 percent, this makes the whole consultation process highly suspicious. In the […]

Harry becomes patron of Halo Trust

09 Mar

Diana’s youngest son, Harry, is literally treading in her footsteps by becoming a high-profile patron of the anti-landmines Halo Trust. The pictures of him on this page remind us of when his mother walked thru minefields in Bosnia and Angola, and the chilling events which followed. She received phone threats to her life, identified one […]

DPRK threats

07 Mar

The DPRK (North Korea) has again made threats against the ROK (South Korea) and the USA, including that of a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The response of heavy UN sanctions was accompanied by the U.S. spokesperson speaking of North Korea’s ‘illicit’ nuclear weapons. That’s rich, that’s very rich coming from the biggest nuclear weapons power in […]

Suggestive Lyrics in Early Rock’n’Roll

03 Mar

The 1960s are often regarded as the watershed in pop music, culminating in the Flower Power and hippies of the latter part of that decade, ‘make love not war’ and the permissive society with the advent of The Pill, etc. In actual fact suggestive lyrics came long before the 1960s, first of all in so-called […]

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