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More Funerals than Weddings or Christenings

28 Feb

Yes, I’m sure I must have attended more funerals than weddings, civil partnerships or christenings. Not just because of the advanced age of myself, many of my friends and family. Unlike many gay men, it was not because of the AIDS epidemic as most of my gay friends were not directly affected by it, perhaps […]

You’ve Never Had It So Good

24 Feb

When I was a teenager and in my very early twenties, male homosexuality in Britain was an imprisonable offense, totally illegal. The gay scene was therefore underground and extremely difficult to find out about or break into. I never knew such a scene existed, so remained a complete virgin till well into my 22nd year.  It […]

Inherited Property

23 Feb

This is not entirely a hypothetical situation. It concerns the problem, many would not see it as a problem, if a relative dies and leaves you money or property. It happened when my father died and my brother and others wished to contest his Will as virtually nothing was left to close relatives. I solved […]

Socialist Democracy

18 Feb

  A friend in Brazil emails me regularly, but we disagree on politics. Although he is always complaining about the terrible poverty in his country alongside great wealth, about low wages for himself and others, about the poor private health services, etc. he regards politics, and Socialism in particular, as anathema. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela […]

The God Debate

13 Feb

This relates to the title of the controversial book by Richard Dawkins, (‘The God Delusion’) but to be fair to him, according to Wikipedia, he distinguishes between a personal God or Creator and pantheism, which is a belief that everything is part of a god-like whole. I tend towards the latter, based on the evidence I have studied. […]

Gay Marriage

06 Feb

This has passed its first stage in the House of Commons. It now has to go to the outdated House of Lords, but they cannot block it, they can make amendments and suggestions, but the Commons has the final say. For myself personally, and I think many of the gay couples I knew, we’d have […]

Different perspectives, different priorities

03 Feb

When I was younger I wanted to change the world, so became very active in the peace movement and leftwing politics. I would still like the world to change, but I no longer go on endless demonstrations, I am far more selective which ones I go on. I sign some petitions on the Internet, but […]

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