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Scottish independence?

30 Oct

While all countries have the right to independence, in this day and age it isn’t really practical for small countries to go it alone. When the Yugoslav and Soviet federations broke up many of the smaller countries formerly part of these federations sought to join the European Union as they couldn’t possibly survive on their […]

Changing celebrations and holidays

26 Oct

Difficult to think of a title for this blog, but it is about special days and how they are celebrated now and in the past. This is from a London perspective as we never used to celebrate Halloween, and New Year was a very  low-key event which didn’t even warrant a day off work. Up […]

Mixed Blessings/Curse of Entryphones?

15 Oct

I first came across them in 1968 when hitching across Europe from the UK to the GDR (former East Germany) with a work colleague, Sheila Cooper. A kind West German man offered us a lift and also a meal and a night’s lodging at his home, and this is where I first saw an Entryphone. […]


13 Oct

What a wonderful tool Google Streetview is. Not only can you look up houses you’ve lived in, including where you live now, and those of friends, places you’ve stayed on holiday here and abroad, but it has almost endless possibilities. When I’ve been going to unfamiliar places, even way out in the countryside in the […]

Jimmy Savile case

11 Oct

I find the allegations against the late Jimmy Savile very disturbing. Not just the allegations themselves, of continuous sexual abuse of minors, but the fact that none of this came to light until after Jimmy was dead for months. The fact is people must have kept quiet for years, for decades, and now see fit […]

A truly democratic GDR?

07 Oct

Click on picture to enlarge On the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the German Democratic Republic I am going to speculate in this article on how the Socialist state could have been made truly democratic, and survived the upheavels of 1989/1990 and annexation by the Federal Republic of Germany. This scenario could also have […]

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