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Who is Responsible?

28 Sep

Much is written and talked about in the Western media about the division of Germany in the decades after the Second World War, but very little about who was responsible for this in the first place, and for perpetuating it. The fact is that it was the four allies of World War II, USA, USSR, […]

Changing London Underground Map

26 Sep

London Underground Map, 1960 (click on map to enlarge it) The London Underground system has been constantly changing, with many stations closed before the last War. Since the above map was published in 1960 there has only been one completely new line built, the Victoria Line from Walthamstow to Brixton. The Jubilee Line was merely […]

Proud to be British?

23 Sep

I’ve never been that patriotic, and actually feel patriotism has done as much harm as organized religion, racism and politics. I am an internationalist, and would be glad to trade in my British citizenship (we are not even considered ‘citizens’ in fact, but ‘subjects’ of an anachronistic monarchy which I don’t even recognize) for EU […]

Is Spiritualism a Religion?

16 Sep

This is a question often asked in the psychic and Spiritualist press. It has now been registered as a religion, and apes Christianity by appointing ministers, some wearing clerical collars and other Christian-based drag, calling themselves ‘Rev.’ and the centers ‘churches’. I don’t consider myself religious, but I am a Spiritualist or Survivalist (the latter […]

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