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Means Testing Pensioners’ Benefits

25 May

My gut reaction to the phasing out of free travel passes for pensioners and the disabled was that this suggestion was outrageous. Mainly because fares in the UK are astronomical compared to most other countries. The full fare to go one stop on a London bus is now over £2 which is quite ridiculous, so […]

Sins of the Fathers

23 May

A TV documentary on BBC2 investigated the guilt feelings of descendants of various Third Reich officials, including the grandson of the Commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp. The program, ‘Hitler’s Children’, was horrific and moving, but I don’t see why any of these descendants should feel guilt for what their parents and grandparents did. I do […]

The Queen & the Monarchy in Jubilee Year

21 May

First of all, it’s not really a Diamond Jubilee Year. That would be 75 years, but as Victoria wasn’t expected to live that long (she didn’t) they brought her Diamond Jubilee forward from 75 to 60 years on the Throne. It has remained 60 years for people and 75 years for other events. Now as […]

De-humanizing effect of war

13 May

There have been wars throughout human history, and they always have a de-humanizing effect since they are the breakdown of normal, civilized behavior. However the de-humanizing aspect does not just affect soldiers on the battlefield. Throughout history it has also affected severely entirely innocent civilians, including children. This can be seen by studying ancient history, […]

Gay marriage?

11 May

I can’t get worked up over this one. We gays now have civil partnerships, so I can see no reason why we’d want to ape heterosexual marriage. Civil partnerships give gay couples all the rights they would have if they were married. You can’t get away from the fact that marriage was originally a religious […]

London government

05 May

On May 3rd we had elections for the London Mayor (not to be confused with the Lord Mayor of London, an ancient office which applies only to the ‘square mile’ of the City of London financial district), and for the London Assembly members. London local government is very complicated and has undergone several changes in […]

Water Water Everywhere

02 May

Floods, even in London there are huge puddles and flooded areas due to the heavy rain. We had to turn back at one place down by the River Thames because the pathway was flooded with rainwater. April was the wettest for years, yet they tell us we are in a drought situation and the hosepipe […]

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