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Jerry Lee marries for 7th time

31 Mar

Wedding kiss, Jerry Lee and Judith, the 7th Mrs Lewis He’s still very unlikely to match his sister Linda Gail who has married 8 times (but only to 7 husbands as she married one twice.) He’s now married the ex-sister-in-law of Myra, the second cousin who was only 13 when he married her back in […]

Favorite skyscrapers

14 Mar

I love skyscrapers, but mostly the old ones which incorporated gothic and other architecture rather than the glass boxes, gherkins and pyramids built in later decades. I include some of my favorites below, not in any particular order. New York City (Manhattan), Moscow and Chicago probably come out on top for me, for the sheer abundance […]

Help for Heroes? Or for Murderers?

12 Mar

The U.S. soldier who went on the rampage in Afghanistan, killing in cold blood 16 civilians, including 9 children  was laughing as he did it, and even made other family members watch, according to reports. Yet we are asked to support ‘Help for Heroes’ – in your fuckin’ dreams! Heroes? I never asked them to […]

The Great Debate

06 Mar

This refers to the current debate among Spiritualists, prominent in their publications, about Christian trappings and terminology which, it is felt by many, are inappropriate in this day and age. Quite apart from being incompatible with Spiritualism, Christianity is on the decline as evidenced by the dwindling congretations in churches, and this has spilled over […]


04 Mar

Whether this group are mainly MI5 agents or not, as many on the Left have suggested, it does seem a very strange outfit. I’m very attracted by their policies such as accepting the European Union as a fact and that it is an embryo United States of Europe. Also that this requires a EU-wide Socialist […]

The New Gay Man?

02 Mar

There have been so many changes in recent years as gay couples, both male and female, have become accepted by many more in society. With civil partnerships and gay marriages in many countries, nowadays in Britain nobody bats an eyelid on TV quiz shows when a gay man or woman introduces their partner or says they […]

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