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The former Socialist countries: popular misconceptions

29 Feb

Berlin, Capital of the GDR (click on photos to enlarge them) We all know these countries were far from perfect, and that a bureaucratic clique of opportunists, careerists and corrupt politicians creamed off the best for themselves, and enjoyed many perks. The mother of a Hungarian friend of mine has confirmed she joined the Party […]

Alien cultures

24 Feb

This is a very sensitive subject, almost taboo, to write about. So I’ll start with the less controversial aspects. The whole subject is caused historically by colonization and in more recent times by mass migration, and in both cases by the new influx of population refusing to respect the indigenous people, their culture, their language, […]

Changing priorities and interests

19 Feb

I will soon be 67. I realize at this stage of my life that my priorities and interests have changed due to a number of factors. One being just growing older and all that comes with that process, another is boredom with some of my old interests like playing records/watching music DVDs, and yet another […]

She left her cold feet behind!

17 Feb

I saw an amazing video on the Internet yesterday. It consisted of an interview and clips from his presentations, with slides, by the late Tom Harris who died in October 2010. He attended many physical seances, many where his mother was the medium. This was between 1946 and 1954. Before than he’d attended seances by […]

Old forgotten songs

14 Feb

There are many songs, you could call them folklore I guess, which are all but forgotten. Some were put on disk years ago but most have been lost or consigned to very old, obscure songbooks. Such as the various ‘Songs from Aldermaston’ sung on the long marches between the nuclear bomb base and London. There […]

Gipsy lifestyle? (With added geography lesson!)

08 Feb

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to live in one area all your life, keeping in touch with schoolfriends and seeing all the changes gradually taking place. Like my friend Maureen who’s lived in Battersea all her life, she’s about my age and is now about to move to Eastbourne to be near […]

Channeling and Psychic Update

05 Feb

George Miller, passed to Spirit 29.9.91 (forever marring Jerry Lee’s birthday) When my life-partner passed to Spirit I almost immediately began getting messages from him by various methods, and not just me, but my mother and all his friends. He contacted all of us to tell us he was OK. One friend was lucky enough to […]

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