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Proletarian Power!

29 Jan

  Karl Marx coined the slogan, much quoted even today, ‘Workers of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.’ Much quoted, but rarely acted upon. The fact is, as Pete Seeger sings in ‘Solidarity Forever!’, not a single factory wheel can turn, not an ounce of coal or gold can be […]

Where is Heaven?

26 Jan

This blog is prompted by, not a phone conversation, but a monolog by an acquaintance who is an atheist and who jumps from one subject to another talking non-stop, so it’s almost impossible to get a word in edgeways. Unfortunately he’s not on the Internet, so won’t be able to read this even if he […]

Coalition’s latest plans

23 Jan

On the news today a cap of £26k was announced for yearly benefits in order that they don’t exceed the average yearly salary, and again the proposal that council homes would no longer be allocated for the life of the tenant. The benefit cap seems reasonable, and perhaps should be lower. I also think for […]

A Very Strange Political Party

21 Jan

Over six months ago I applied to join the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee). Despite a meeting with them, which on reflection was very odd, then a closed meeting they had in which they apparently had no objection to my becoming a member (nice to know), and further meetings which just didn’t […]

The Long Journey

15 Jan

The main collage room (click on it to enlarge) It’s one all, or most of us, have to make at some time in our lives, probably more than once. The journey back from bereavement when a partner, a child, a parent, close relative or very good friend dies. The most traumatic in my life so […]

Welwyn Garden City

09 Jan

I had the misfortune to move to this wretched town (my mother’s idea), which people either love or hate, when I was just 16. Quite the wrong time to move anywhere, and WGC as it is known is the last place for a teenager to move to. Any friends I had in North London where […]

Science: The Great Division

07 Jan

There is a huge division in scientific theory at the moment. What is regarded as mainsteam or orthodox science, propagated by the likes of physicist Stephen Hawking and biologist Richard Dawkins and all mainstream scientists, is very materialistic and completely denies the existence of anything remotely like Spirit or God. The other scientific theories, expounded by […]


03 Jan

Every New Year there’s a lot of nonsense flying around. We all know that at the end of the next 12 months we’ll all be a year older, if we survive that is. We also know things will go on much the same with wars, murders, natural disasters, etc. Famous people and friends/relations will become […]

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