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Recognition Forever Denied

27 Dec

We now have, in Britain, civil partnerships for gay men and women, and soon we may have gay marriage. This is all well and good, and far too long coming, but what about all those gay couples who were in loving relationships for years and weren’t allowed to register it? Many of these people are […]


22 Dec

It is often very difficult to sort out what is propaganda and misinformation/disinformation and what is the truth. For instance stories related to North Korea now repeated because of the death of the ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-Il. Clearly Western disinformation is the lie that the building on the North Korean side of the border at Panmunjeom […]

The Great Escape

19 Dec

I have my mother and ‘Aunt’ Dora  to thank for escaping a terrible life in Cyprus. Back in 1951 when I turned 6 and my brother 2 my father (Hercules or Eracles, known as ‘Herky’) was planning a holiday for all the family in his homeland, the island of Cyprus.  Dora was the English wife of […]

Verification of ADC

17 Dec

ADC stands for ‘After Death Communications’. There are many methods by which, so it is claimed, this occurs. However some methods are more reliable than others, and if a medium is involved, the ability of him or her to receive the messages accurately without embellishing them with their own interpretations and subconscious thoughts is crucial. […]

Home and Car Ownership

13 Dec

It is frequently brought home to me how our society judges people by what possessions they have. First of all, a nuclear family, which rules out gays for a start. Then by whether they own their home and a car. If, like me, you fail on all three counts you seem to be left out […]

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