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Consensus Politics

29 Oct

I have been urged to write a blog on consensus politics, so feel like a kid at school who’s been given the subject of an essay to write. Those not interested in politics can scroll down to the final three paragraphs for a brief summary of how consensus can be achieved in other areas. I have […]

Trouble in the Eurozone and the EU

24 Oct

The financial crisis extends far beyond the Eurozone of course, but there are problems unique to the Euro because it is a unique currency. Country after country in the Eurozone has to be bailed out to prop the Euro up. Many say this is a a good reason not to join the Eurozone, and to […]

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Challenged?

20 Oct

Quotes from New Scientist webpages: On 23 September, physicists with the OPERA experiment in Italy said they had caught neutrinos arriving from the CERN particle physics lab in Switzerland  60 nanoseconds sooner than light. That seemed to violate Einstein’s theory of special relativity. The CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland, which is trying to investigate the […]

Rockin’ Weekend

17 Oct

Teds gather outside The Pavilion And it wasn’t one of the rock’n’roll Weekenders down at the coast. Saturday was the All-Dayer (well late afternoon and evening) at The Pavilion, Battersea and loads of Teds (Teddy-boys) were there. I put on my original drape (well I’ve had it since 1967, made by Burtons to the original […]

Scotland The Brave

09 Oct

My life-partner came from Glasgow and we made many trips to Scotland during our time on Earth together, and I made a few since. Although he came to London when he was in his teens and lost his Glaswegian accent, we of course kept in touch with his relatives who we visited, and who came […]

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