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Unacceptable Face of Immigration

26 Sep

While emigration and immigration is inevitable, it must first of all be controlled, and secondly, immigrants to any country must respect local laws and culture, whilst being allowed to preserve their own cultural traditions. No country can allow uncontrolled immigration or emigration. This is why visas are necessary in many countries for immigration or emigration […]


25 Sep

Life can be very strange with a kind of synocracy around certain dates and places, and also people. I find I keep returning to certain places, for instance, also certain people, and certain dates are significant. Take Hastings, a charming town which I really love. It has been my home-from-home for the past 40 years, […]

The Times They Are A-Changing

20 Sep

I’ve quoted the title from an old Bob Dylan song to describe the situation for gay men (and to some extent women) in Britain and, indeed, in many other countries. It is a fact that gays have become respectable and, although prejudice and homophobia still exist and can be rampant in some quarters, generally there […]

Older and Wiser?

18 Sep

I now have to face the fact that I’m pushing 70. Many of my friends are either around the same age or have already passed on, including of course my life-partner who passed to Spirit at the relatively early age of 48. I feel I am a lot wiser at this age and that I […]

Conspiracy theories

14 Sep

As I said in my last blog, for 10 years I have dismissed conspiracy theories about 9/11 as being too way-out, but am now not nearly so sure. Too many anomalies to be explained, but again I urge people to watch the relevant videos, in particular the ‘In Plane Site’ one and ones about WTC […]


12 Sep

  Commercial airliner or remote controlled, windowless military aircraft with something attached underneath fuselage? The tenth anniversary of what has become known universally as 9/11 (even though this format is actually November 9th in UK and much of the world rather than September 11th) has just passed, and I have finally had to admit that it […]


02 Sep

One of the most controversial subjects even amongst those of us who are convinced by the evidence that there is an afterlife. Even guides and other communicators from the world of Spirit seem to disagree about reincarnation. Many Eastern religions take it for granted, and leaders such as the Dalai Lama are only given their […]

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