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Physical Mediumship Debate and Wider Issues

28 Aug

Following my second physical seance earlier this month, a bitter debate has broken out on some Spiritualist websites around the issue of physical seances held in the dark. This is usually essential because ectoplasm is such a dangerous substance. Exuded from the body of the medium, if exposed to light or suddenly grabbed it shoots […]

Silly Season?

27 Aug

Seems as if we’re well into it,  not helped by the silly weather. July/August came in April bringing all the flowers out up to a month early, now we’re enjoying April showers in August. I’ve only been able to go swimming on 6 occasions this summer (outdoors that is), so must be the worst summer […]

David Thompson Physical Seance

16 Aug

Last night I attended my second physical seance, again with David Thompson. This time I knew exactly what to expect, and I’d had plenty of time in the last few months to take in the first seance and analyze it. I’ve no doubts that these are genuine physical seances with genuine phenomena. This time the […]

Middlesex – a very strange ‘county’

14 Aug

Middlesex Guildhall (now the Supreme Court), Westminster. It is still very common to see places in outer west and northwest London described as being in the non-existent county of Middlesex, as in Greenford, Twickenham, Wembley, etc. In fact the county was abolished in 1965, and only lingered on as a postal address until 1996 when postcodes replaced […]


13 Aug

Before I took early retirement at the end of May 2007 I was looking forward to spending long, hot summers most of the day up Hampstead Mixed Bathing Pond. When working the afternoon/early evening shift I did manage a couple of hours up there on hot days before going into work, so was lucky in […]

Riots in UK

10 Aug

Although I haven’t published a blog on the current terrible situation in the UK, I have been busy posting comments on Facebook and I also wrote a letter to the ‘Weekly Worker’ newspaper which I hope they publish, condemning not only the riots but the idea, shared by the U.S. Constitution, that there should be […]

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