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Have AI (and CND) lost their way?

27 Jul

This year Amnesty International marked its 50th anniversary since it was founded by English lawyer Peter Benenson after an article he had published in The Observer newspaper about some political prisoners in Portugal, then under the Salazar fascist dictatorship. Despite a mention of AI’s ‘mandate’ in a current Wikipedia article on the organization, this in fact was scrapped some […]

Gay Support Networks

19 Jul

I look around at my family and friends and there is a vast difference between the heterosexuals in my family and gay friends, especially as we all get older. My maternal grandparents were fairly independent living in their rented bungalow until my grandmother had an accident, broke her hip and went downhill rapidly, dying a […]

Capitalism, totally evil

17 Jul

Just watched a Michael Moore documentary film ‘Capitalism – a love affair’. It was an eye-opener even for a committed Socialist like myself. Did you know that companies in America can take out life insurance policies on their employees for millions of dollars so they are worth more to them dead than alive? They even […]

Strange country, weird practices.

12 Jul

I’m referring to the USA, and often Canada as well since it is so close geographically and culturally to its southern neighbor. They have practices which are totally unknown anywhere else, but seem to be completely oblivious of the fact that the rest of the world knows nothing about things they take for granted. Perhaps […]

Wrong type of market?

09 Jul

Recently our local traditional Saturday market has been invaded by some expensive yuppy newcomers selling trendy foodstuffs at greatly inflated prices. OK, it has enlivened the depleted Battersea High Street market, which used to have many stalls and operated on Fridays as well as Saturdays. But are the newcomers the right kind of market for […]

Wildest Cats In Town Weekender

04 Jul

Just back from a another great rock’n’roll Weekender at Pontins, Pakefield. Dave Savage (Great Balls of Fire) Friday nite Dave Savage and The Savages did a great tribute act to Screamin’ Lord Sutch, but it was much more than that. It included rock-horror and spectacular magic/illusionist tricks such as sawing thru a woman’s arm, spectacular […]

Inter-generational and Inter-racial meetings

01 Jul

At  the venue where we have a senior citizens’ drama group and a pensioners’ lunch club we had a project meeting there weekly last month which involved senior citizens and adolescents from a local school playing games, telling stories, etc.( I believe prisoners from Wandsworth were also involved in this project, but of course they […]

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