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At last, a political party feel I can support!

25 Jun

  After many years of not being a member of any political party, and long after resigning from the old Communist Party of Great Britain (in 1976) and the Labour Party when it re-wrote Clause IV (calling for the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange), I’ve applied to join the Communist […]

Physical Mediumship

22 Jun

Once very popular, this is now largely confined to closed circles of afterlife investigators/Spiritualists. There are also very few physical mediums around nowadays. This is partly because it takes years of patience, often sitting in darkened rooms in a closed circle, before any physical manifestations start to appear. Few people nowadays have the time and patience, […]

Mediums expose the Lies, Deceit and Utter Futility of War

19 Jun

This has just come to light due to my afterlife research. The late Leslie Flint was a medium who communicated by Direct Voice (spirits speaking via an ectoplasmic voicebox some distance from the medium, who is in trance the whole time). In 1966, 25 years after his ship was sunk in 1941, Flint brought thru a sailor from HMS Hood […]

Revolutionary technical developments

12 Jun

Although I can be something of a Luddite when it comes to modern gadgets, some of these technical advances have really revolutionized the way we live and work. Not always for the better, I have to say. I resisted CDs for years as I have a large vinyl record collection. I now have an MP3 player […]

Possible ways forward

05 Jun

I’ve written many articles and blogs analyzing where Socialist experiments went wrong and giving my views on how it could best work in the future. However this is all academic if, as at present, it seems extremely unlikely that Britain or many other countries will move forward in this direction at any time in the […]


03 Jun

This is the first blog I’ve done on this subject, but regular readers in the UK will probably have noticed I use what is often considered as ‘American’ spelling. It is true that many of the spellings I use are more common in the USA, but I actually pick and choose how I spell words […]

World Court Project

01 Jun

The World Court Project is a campaign to pressurize governments to promise not to use or be party to the use of nuclear weapons, but to abide by international law. The International Court of Justice has ruled that ‘methods and means of warfare, which would preclude any distinction between civilian and military targets … are […]

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