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Civil Partnerships/Gay Marriage

30 May

Civil partnerships between gay male couples and lesbian couples have now become commonplace, so much so that the main soaps on TV have gay characters getting ‘married’.  This shows just how far we have come in the years since the turn of the century, when much gay activity between men was still illegal (despite the […]

‘No Such Thing As TV’

29 May

Imagine an intelligent scientist of today saying ‘there is no such thing as television; it’s just wishful thinking. The idea that TV transmissions, hundreds of channels, could be in the atmosphere around us and not be detected is just impossible. Anyone who claims to have seen television has been duped by clever conjuring tricks and […]

The Real Thing

26 May

People are easily fobbed off and satisfied with things which bear little or no resemblance to what they purport to be. The title of this blog is used by the Coca Cola company to promote their product, but since the recipe was changed many years ago (I’m not talking about the original recipe in the […]

Pontins Gold Break

21 May

Just back from yet another of Pontins Gold breaks for the over-50s, with my mother who’s well over 50 at 96. This was at their Pakefield, Lowestoft holiday center. It was an enjoyable week as usual, and we have already booked for their Mistletoe and Wine week in November. I also go to this Pontins […]

Limited Democracy?

12 May

I recently wrote a blog on the Lib Dems and the national referendum on the Alternative Vote in which I made clear I would prefer the chance to opt for Proportional Representation. One of the arguments made against this is that it would allow extremist political parties to be represented in Parliament. As a former member […]

Will the Truth Be Out?

10 May

About the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in that very ‘convenient’ car crash in Paris just a week or so after a Tory MP said she should not be ‘allowed’ to make political statements such as the one she made about the Labour government being probably better on the landmines issue than the previous […]

Referendum and the Lib Dems

08 May

I was never enthusiastic about the referendum on whether to ditch our unfair ‘first-past-the-post’ electoral system for the AV (Alternative Vote) system, which is only slightly fairer. It seemed a very poor deal for the Liberal Democrats (who I voted for in the last General Election) who on this basis went into a coalition with […]

Osama Bin Laden Is No Longer In My Garden…

03 May

… they buried him at sea.  And good riddance. Not that he ever was in my garden, if I had one, which I don’t. The title refers to a charming poem someone wrote and read out once which went ‘I think Osama Bin Laden is in my garden, should I take him a cup of […]

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