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Changing Gay World

25 Apr

This blog is written from a British perspective, the history being quite different in other countries. The modern gay world, Britain included as it has finally caught up with the advanced Western countries, includes civil partnerships, an equal age of consent and completely different ways for gays to meet each other than existed in the […]

The Royal Wedding, Marriage, Civil Partnerships and The Monarchy

22 Apr

As a so-called ‘Diana Disciple’ (follower of Diana Speaks website  and her voice channel, Christian) you might be expected to think I was excited about the forthcoming royal wedding between William, Diana’s eldest son, and Katherine. Certainly Christian, who was staying with me when the engagement and then wedding was announced, expected me to show […]

The Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall

19 Apr

These two phrases refer to the closed borders between the Socialist countries and capitalist West. In the case of the Berlin Wall it actually encircled West Berlin, closing it off from the surrounding territory of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). This was because Berlin was about 100 miles east of the West/East German border. West […]

Ginger’s 60th

18 Apr

Me at Ginger’s 60th birthday bash, on the hard stuff (Coke!) Doesn’t time fly? I remember when he had his 40th birthday party at the 59 Club. Don’t remember much about it, so I guess it was good. Anyway he had his 60th party down at Salfords, on the outskirts of Redhill in Surrey where […]

More Council Moans, and Apologies

12 Apr

Since the blog below was published and a link sent to Islington Council they have apologized, and the weeds have now been cut back. This is the latest email from the Council: ‘The weeds were removed from around the plaque yesterday and the shrub behind the tree was also pruned back. It does look a […]

How Councils Waste Our Money….

07 Apr

This really does take the biscuit, but it’s a long saga which I’ll numerate below: 1. Wandsworth Council decided to replace the central heating system on all their properties on my Estate. This was certainly in the case of my flat quite unnecessary expenditure, the heating system was working perfectly well. 2. My boiler had […]

Finished at Fifty – Panorama program

04 Apr

This concentrated on four professional people who had turned 50 and who had virtually no hope of ever finding another job. I know the situation as 20 years ago my partner, only 48 when he died, faced exactly the same problem. He wrote off after job after job for 18 months and got one unsuccessful […]

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