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Lifetime Diary of a Rebel

30 Mar

I thought I’d list some of the memorable highlights in my sometimes rebellious life. Some of these actions I still fully approve of, others I don’t, but none do I really regret since life is a learning process, and we learn from our mistakes. September 1961 – taking part in the Committee of 100’s mass civil […]

Allotment started

27 Mar

Today was my first real time up the newly acquired allotment plot. In two or three hours I purchased a new lock for the shed and some garden tools from John, the allotment manager, fixed the new lock on, got rid of a lot of rubbish (now awaiting disposal), planted a trough with some bulbs […]

Still marching 50 years on!

23 Mar

  This evening I traveled by train and Tube (subway/metro) to Trafalgar Square. I came up the same steps into the Square I did 50 years ago to join the biggest civil disobedience (sit-down) demonstration ever held in this country against the insanity of nuclear weapons. This was in September 1961, and about 10,000 were […]

‘You Can’t Speak To The Dead’

13 Mar

The title, in quotes, refers to a poster seen on the London Underground system sponsored  by some hard-line skeptics’ organization. I think it was for a book insisting that all mediumship was fraud or simply cold reading, a very convenient ‘explanation’ by hard-line skeptics which simply doesn’t correspond to the facts. Nobody would deny that […]


12 Mar

After being on the council waiting list for a number of years I’ve finally been given an allotment plot. (This is a plot of land rented out by the local authority to residents for growing mainly vegetables.) I was offered one a couple of years ago, but it involved two bus journeys and there was […]

Physical Mediumship

07 Mar

This is a most extraordinary form of mediumship, and I am currently reading a book about it by one of the few physical mediums of the present day, Stewart Alexander. As he says in the book, physical seances conjure up images of elderly ladies sitting around tables in the dark asking: ‘Is anybody there?’ It is, […]

The Last Taboo

05 Mar

The last taboo, at least in the area of sex, is that involving those defined as minors. Quite rightly so, since these are vulnerable and immature victims when adult predators are involved. However there are several categories of underage sexual activity, four of which I identify below. 1. Sexual experimentation between minors of roughly the same […]

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