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The Promise

28 Feb

Channel 4’s ‘The Promise’ was an amazing film, very long and shown in four parts totalling about 7 hours in total. Starting with the Nazi Holocaust depicted by the horror of British soldiers discovering the Belsen concentration camp, it showed how the State of Israel was born thru violence which continues to the present day. […]

Out and About in London

27 Feb

An update on things I’ve been doing lately. On January 30th was the annual 2Is coffee bar reunion/British rock’n’roll heritage gig now at the Borderline venue near Charing Cross Road. I arrived during the performance of Terry Wayne, which was very good, and met my former Drama Coach, Bea Scott, at her first Tales From The Woods […]

Banks of Marble

20 Feb

  I was listening to American Leftie Pete Seeger singing ‘Banks of Marble’ yesterday. It was a video clip from YouTube, and had images of various workers who were poor and starving while the money they earned was piling up in the bank vaults in the form of silver and gold ingots. The original words of the final chorus […]

The Strange World of Spirit

15 Feb

The afterlife is a difficult thing for many people to accept because it seems to go against common sense. We see people, animals and plants die and their remains either decay, are burnt or in the case of animals and plants mostly, are eaten. In the natural food chain there is little wastage, as one […]

Thursday Group visit Museum of London

10 Feb

The Thursday group of older Woodies met at Old Street station in the rain today and walked to Whitecross Street, an old haunt of mine near the Barbican. We lunched in a fish and chip establishment, then walked thru the Barbican complex to the museum. I’d been before but some time ago, and last year’s […]

‘Hereafter’ the movie

08 Feb

I’ve been awaiting this movie for some time since first hearing about Clint Eastwood’s project, produced by Steven Spielburg and starring Matt Damon. Having seen it today I will try to review it while fresh in my mind. It doesn’t go too deeply into the subject matter of communication with the afterlife, yet some of […]

Living Language

03 Feb

English is a living language, so meanings change, spellings change, new words are invented and old ones discarded or disused. Meanings that have changed in living memory include ‘cool’, ‘gay’ and ‘fit’. While retaining their old meanings, they are increasingly used in their newer context. I guess this is fine, though it still grates with […]

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