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Changing Perspectives

23 Jan

Last year I joined a few sessions of a local self-help or therapy group. It soon became apparent it was not for me, or indeed anyone in my age group. Discussions about careers and ambitions featured heavily, as did such things as relationships and love interests. As I have retired from work, never had any […]

The Truth About UfOs

21 Jan

That UFOs are not only real, but that there is ongoing contact with various types of extraterrestials and has been for decades is only the tip of the iceberg. These are not just conjectures by loony UFO enthusiasts, but revelations by high-ranking  U.S. military and intelligence personnel (or those who are now retired) and from […]

The Nature of Reality

17 Jan

This was the subject of the latest BBC Horizon program, and while not as patronizing as some of the earlier episodes, indeed it contained some very interesting concepts, it seemed to me all the orthodox scientists and physicists featured were skirting around the obvious conclusion. Among other things the program conveyed the idea that the […]

Changing the World

16 Jan

Many individuals and groups have tried to change the world for the better in may ways. In the last two centuries Socialists and Communists tried very hard, and at one time about a third of the world’s population lived under Socialist administrations expecting to develop eventually into self-governing Communism. We all know that this never […]

War and Peace

11 Jan

Since the earliest times there have been skirmishes and wars, at least since tribal society emerged. However, if we look at history, we can see the very slow progress human beings have made, with many setbacks along the way. Take the UK for instance. Once an island group inhabited by warring tribes, later it became […]

Moving On

04 Jan

The subject of ‘moving on’ came to me when considering the plight of two friends who have recently had to face up to places and things from their past. Unpleasant memories and associations were brought to the fore, and it seems they had to confront these head-on in order to move on. Others have to ‘move on’ […]

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