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Afterlife Update

28 Dec

A search on YouTube will reveal how the more adventurous scientists and others are continually discovering that materialism is outdated, that Mind or Conscience is the prime creative force in the multiverse, and therefore that it existed before matter and survives the destruction of matter. Indeed the whole material multiverse is an elaborate illusion created […]

Vegetarianism/Veganism – Some Major Problems

19 Dec

While they may seem like nice ideas for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons, Vegetarianism and Veganism if adopted universally are totally impractical. I tried to go vegetarian once and it made me very ill indeed. Part of the problem being I just cut out meat and continued eating the vegetables without meat or meat […]

London ‘student’ demos

15 Dec

Whether they were all students or not the fact is that agitators and troublemakers have always latched on to demonstrations. Some are anarchists out to smash the State, some other revolutionaries, some just out for the ‘fun’ of it, and some may well be government agents sent to infiltrate the demonstrations, start violence and thus […]

Wildest Cats In Town Xmas Party

11 Dec

Last weekend I went with Lee Wilkinson to the Wildest Cats In Town Xmas Party at Pontins holiday camp, Pakefield, Lowestoft in Suffolk. It was Lee’s first visit to the camp and this particular Weekender, but I’d been many times both to the Weekenders and the Golden Breaks (over 50s) Mondays-Fridays with my mother. Pontins […]

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