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Quantum Questions

20 Nov

This week  the journal Science published research which suggested that the two hitherto separate Quantum Physics principles of  ‘uncertainty’ and ‘non-locality’ were in fact linked. While this does not undermine general quantum theory, it is very convenient for orthodox scientists who cannot get their heads around the increasing weirdness and implications of quantum theory. In layperson’s […]

Diana – Tony joins in new Podcast

16 Nov

Diana and her voice channel, Andrew Russell-Davies who from now on is adopting the name ‘Christian’ for the Diana Work (less of a mouthful and a softer, more spiritual sounding name), have been staying with me in London for the past few weeks. Last night (Monday 15th) all three of us – Diana, Christian and […]

Jerry Lee Lewis European Tour

08 Nov

Jerry Lee Lewis, Budapest, 31.10.10 Jerry Lee Lewis, at the age of 75, is now on a short concert tour of Europe including Graz (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Zurich (Switzerland), Antwerp (Belgium) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). Also on the package, apart from his backing band which includes guitarist and one-time fiddle-player Kenneth Lovelace (with Lewis’s band for […]

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