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29 Sep

Together in early 1991. George died on September 29th, 1991. 1975. No not the year – two anniversaries, 19 and 75. It’s now 19 years today since my life-partner transited to Spirit, and on September 10th we celebrated 40 years together (we were here on the Earth plane for 21 years together). He’s kept in touch […]

The Great Divide

22 Sep

GDR border installations (Wall) at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin – Capital of the GDR I’ve blogged on the subject of the Berlin Wall before, but I’m dong it from a different angle this time. Suppose London was divided politically at the River Thames, the geographical feature which separates Central and North London from South London. Imagine a […]

Jerry’s new album/Pontin’s Pakefield

18 Sep

Jerry Lee’s new ‘Mean Old Man’ CD has followed the success of his last album, ‘Last Man Standing’, which went on to earn a gold disk for over half-a-million sales. ‘Mean Old Man’ has reached #10 in Billboard’s Rock Albums chart, #11 in its Tastemakers’ chart and #30 in its top 200 albums chart. So […]

Our 40th Anniversary

11 Sep

Yesterday, September 10th, was the 40th anniversary of when I met my partner, George. He made the transition to Spirit on September 29th, 1991, so we shared 21 years on Earth in this life together, but he has remained in contact with me from Spirit in the last 19 years. Back in the days we […]

Diana – time to move on?

04 Sep

I have written several blogs on here referring to Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales, and how she communicated via her voice-channel Andrew Russell-Davis. It is up to people whether they accept this or not, but they shouldn’t make a judgment till they’ve looked at the Diana Speaks site and listened to at least one […]

Jerry Lee Lewis’ new album

01 Sep

Still alive, performing and recording, though his live shows are a very pale imitation of those from years ago. He now performs from a set-list which only varies slightly from show to show, and his stage act has all but disappeared. Sometimes he makes a half-hearted attempt at the end to stand and kick the piano stool […]

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