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A Difficult Time Of Changes

30 Aug

A friend stayed with me a few days last week, well he’s more than just a friend actually. We had a good time especially on Friday when we met up with another friend for some drinks and a Chinese meal, then I and the friend staying with me went on to a pub near me where a […]

Colorful Characters

17 Aug

A more light-hearted blog today, after the long, ponderous ones on philosophy and politics. I have known many colorful characters in my life, and have invented more to amuse my partner when he was alive, and friends. Some of these fictional characters were loosely based on real ones. Mrs Do-not-shout was one of these. A […]

Religion, Agnosticism, Atheism, Humanism

15 Aug

I never know what to call myself nowadays. I was raised a Christian, became an atheist in my teens/twenties, briefly went back to Christianity, and am now – what? Labels mean little to me because I realized back in my teens that one religion, much less one sect of a religion, can’t be right and […]

Primitive Socialism

08 Aug

Primitive Socialism is my term for what existed in the Soviet Union and other Socialist states of the 20th Century.  An interim state between Capitalism and true Socialism which can hopefully be avoided in future now we are aware of it. It wasn’t entirely Lenin’s fault that things turned out the way they did after the Great […]

Cameron/Clegg Attack Council Housing

06 Aug

The latest loony proposal by David Cameron, apparently supported by his Lib-Dem puppet deputy Nick Clegg but not by some other Lib-Dem government members, is that new council tenancies should be limited to 5 or 10 years at which time the occupants will be expected to move out into privately rented accommodation, obtain a mortgage […]

New Gadgets/Technologies

05 Aug

People can get carried away with these, especially the younger generation, but it also affects much older people. In our throw away/buy new society they are always encouraging us to discard perfectly good things in order to sell us something else. Take the fad for MP3 players for example, which followed on from CDs, which […]

European Left

02 Aug

I am applying for individual membership of the European Left (, an umbrella organization which links many member Left political parties and individuals within the EU for a common stance on many issues. I have not been a member of any political party, since leaving the British Labour Party when it abandoned first unilateralism (giving up Britain’s […]

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