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Segregated Battersea

11 Jul

It never used to be like this, but now the area where I live is getting like the Deep South of the USA in the 1950s, or apartheid South Africa.

You can draw a line along York Road and to the north of that along the River Thames are the very affluent white areas, with affluent white Chelsea across on the other bank of the River. Walk along the riverside walk on either side of the River and you’ll hardly see a black/ethnic face. Luxury millionaires apartments, the Heliport for rich executives, and little Fred Wells Gardens where you see relatively few black/ethnic faces.

Cross York Road and it’s another world. Vast council estates where the Tory council has concentrated most of the Labour voters, selling off a lot of other council estates to those most likely to vote Tory. Council housing is now reserved for the poorest with many single mothers and low-income families.

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