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Pride events or Wildest Cats – no contest!

01 Jul

The first weekend in July always means two things: Gay Pride events in London, and the Wildest Cats Weekender in Pakefield, Lowestoft.

I’m a gay man, but also a rock’n'roll fan and so always choose the Wildest Cats Weekender over Pride, which holds no attraction for me whatsoever.

I absolutely detest the fashions, music and behavior of many gay people at the various Pride events, and can’t even see the reason for it any more.

Why do they just assume just because someone is gay they like the same fashions, music, and like to be exhibitionists? It all started back in the 1970s to win gay rights, but now we have won most of these the events would only be laudable if they sought to win respect for the gay community from the general public.

My partner and I (he died in 1991) went on  two gay marches in the USA – in Washington DC and in New York City.

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