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Intelligent Design or Evolution?

31 Jul

This is the question raging in America, but for me the answer is very simple. The two are NOT exclusive. In fact it is perfectly obvious to me that both intelligent design and evolution are responsible for the current state of life on Earth. First of all, what is meant by the term ‘Intelligent Design’? […]

Different Cultures

30 Jul

Oh how I love those rock’n’roll Dixie belles as immortalized in songs like Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Long Tall Sally, Good Golly Miss Molly and not forgetting the provocatively (in Britain) named Short Fat Fanny. Also the chivalry in the States at the time, with boys carrying the girls’ books to school (couldn’t they afford satchels?) […]

Lost Dreams of an Old Man

29 Jul

I had so many hopes and dreams as a young man. Dreams of a better world, a world without nuclear weapons, a fairer world where nobody would be exploited, no one would die of hunger or be homeless, a world where everything would be shared out fairly. It was all hopelessly idealistic, but it brings […]

Eleven Popular Political Misconceptions

25 Jul

(Click on maps/pictures/diagrams below to enlarge them.) 1 Cyprus was an independent country till Turkey invaded the North in 1974. In actual fact it was Greece who first invaded the whole island in July 1974. The Greek military junta in Athens organized a coup against President Makarios with the objective of annexing the island to Greece. However Makarios […]


22 Jul

I’m quoting Alexander the meerkat, who probably has more sense than a lot of politicians. How on Earth did we get into the kind of economic mess we’re in at the moment, with banks having to be rescued from collapsing by the taxpayer and cuts in public services to try to pay off the national […]

Jerry Lee Lewis

18 Jul

His latest CD He’s been called many things, some nice, some not so nice. ‘The Killer’ is the most usual pseudonym, which apparently came about when he was still at school – he called people Killer (and still does), and they called him Killer, so the name stuck. The Press like to hint that he […]

Water Baby

16 Jul

Chelsea Harbor from the air I was born late on March 20th. It was wartime, and they had something called ‘Double British Summertime’ which had already started that year, according to my mother, so it’s confusing as to what time I was really born – sometime between 8.30 and 10.30 pm I think depending on […]

Segregated Battersea

11 Jul

It never used to be like this, but now the area where I live is getting like the Deep South of the USA in the 1950s, or apartheid South Africa. You can draw a line along York Road and to the north of that along the River Thames are the very affluent white areas, with affluent […]

Wildest Cats In Town Weekender

06 Jul

As expected this was a great Weekender, with the bonus of some nice sunshine. Only thing was the hot weather made it very uncomfortable wearing Teddy-boy suits, and some had three-piece outfits with waistcoats. Despite fans and air-conditioning, the main ballroom got rather hot. I chickened out and stuck to jeans and t-shirts, not wearing […]

Pride events or Wildest Cats – no contest!

01 Jul

The first weekend in July always means two things: Gay Pride events in London, and the Wildest Cats Weekender in Pakefield, Lowestoft. I’m a gay man, but also a rock’n’roll fan and so always choose the Wildest Cats Weekender over Pride, which holds no attraction for me whatsoever. I absolutely detest the fashions, music and […]

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