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Wild, wild men of Rock’n’Roll

29 May

In the past couple of weeks I’ve played some of my old vinyl. I have a considerable collection of 1950s-style rock’n’roll (also traditional Country Music). I’m also slowly acquiring a CD collection. None of this stuff do I play that often, finding so many other things to do when I’m at home. TV and the […]

Happy Birthday, George

27 May

My partner, who transited to Spirit in 1991, would have been 67 today. As usual on anniversaries, I wrote him a posthumous letter. In the letter I wrote in the past hour or so, I suggested he might try a new way of communicating. In the past he has answered questions in these letters very quickly, […]


20 May

I just wanted to write a blog thanking all the people, and animals, who have helped me over the years. It is impossible to name them all even if I could remember, but some readily come to mind. My mother, now in her 96th year, who brought me up in very difficult circumstances.  I needed […]

Diana and Rose on Violent Teens/Twenties

17 May

The spirit of Diana (former Princess of Wales) has recorded another interview with American channeler Rose Campbell, conducted thru Diana’s voice-channel Andrew Russell-Davis, an Englishman living in Germany. The interview was conducted over the phone, and can be heard by scrolling down to the May 2010 podcast at the bottom of the following page: […]

Coalition Government

11 May

As I said, things changing very quickly. Nick Clegg now announced as Deputy Prime Minister, whatever that means in practice. This coalition certainly gives the Liberal Democrats a much higher profile since they are now in government, albeit as very much the junior partner in a coalition, but it could be a double-edged sword as […]

Voting reform?

11 May

Things have been changing daily the past few days, it’s a job to keep up. So a coalition has now been agreed between David Cameron and Nick Clegg, still to be approved by their party hierarchies but this seems likely. The difficulty with a Labour-LibDem coalition or pact was always the maths – it would […]

Now’s the chance!

10 May

The Liberal Democrats now have a rare chance to obtain a fairer voting system for the British people, and break the monopoly of the two-party domination of government which has continued for too long. The current late-day offer by the Tories, on realizing a deal might be cut with Labour now Gordon Brown has announced […]

Is Social Housing On Its Way Out?

08 May

This was a discussion I had with a friend during the General Election when I said one reason I was voting for Lib-Dem councillors was that Party’s commitment to social housing. My friend expressed the opinion that social housing was dead in the water and on its way out. This may appear to be the […]

British General Election

07 May

I’ve gotten the best outcome I could realistically have hoped for under the very unfair electoral system we have. That is a hung parliament, with the Lib-Dems effectively deciding the nature of the next government. Cameron has offered the Lib-Dems virtually nothing in exchange for them supporting his Party’s program. The offer will undoubtedly be […]

The European Union

03 May

  The EU is by no means perfect. It is, basically, a union of capitalist nations in Europe. For this reason most leftwing parties oppose membership of the EU and adoption of the Euro. They claim the EU outlaws public ownership. In actual fact this is not the case. The EU has laws against monopolies, […]

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