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A strong dose of old-fashioned Socialist discipline needed!

30 Apr

The former Socialist countries, and the existing ones, are often criticized for their restrictions on individual freedom, but surely the pendulum in our own society has swung too far the other way? Individual freedom is fine so long as it doesn’t interfere with the freedom and wellbeing of others. When it does, the community comes […]

Beating The Bomb – new documentary

24 Apr

I attended the CND preview of this new documentary film at the Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square this afternoon, followed by some Questions and Answers. Having been active in CND and the peace movement since 1961, I found this history of  it and where it is going in the future very interesting. It also put […]

No need for private/volunteer health care

23 Apr

I received a questionnaire and an appeal today from the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, a volunteer organization. As always with health care appeals for this country I did not respond, and for very good reasons. While I’m sure the St John’s volunteers do their best, they are not trained paramedics. I do NOT want me […]

They Know, You Know

22 Apr

Paraphrasing that great comedienne, the late Hylda Baker, with her phrase about her sidekick: ‘she knows, you know’. I’m talking about Spirit, whether it be male, female or of no assigned gender. I’ve had so many communications where Spirit (or Spirits) have made it plain they are aware of what’s going on, sometimes telling me […]


21 Apr

The so-called British ‘independent nuclear deterrent’ is in the news once again because Nick Clegg has raised the folly of replacement of the Trident nuclear missile submarine system at a cost of over four billion pounds a year for the next 25 years. Let’s leave aside the moral arguments for a moment, and look at […]

Gay Genes?

20 Apr

I attended a lecture yesterday on whether the genes in a person’s make-up were a deciding factor in whether or not that person grew up to be gay, lesbian or heterosexual. The lecturer was very pedantic in insisting studies proved it was all down to genes, and that upbringing and experiences in childhood had little […]

Why I’m Voting Lib-Dem Again

18 Apr

Ban The Bomb for Evermore! I was going to vote for the Green Party candidate in the General Election because they are committed to nuclear disarmament, but of course under our unfair electoral system in my Labour marginal this would just help let the Tory candidate in. Nevertheless I was prepared to vote Green as I never […]

Never Been a Teenager

15 Apr

I have problems identifying with teenagers, or even understanding a word they say nowadays. Not just the current slang, but everyone under 40 seems to gabble their sentences, speaking far too quickly and indistinctly. For this reason I have to have the subtitles on the TV when anybody under about 40 is speaking, or I […]

Pedophile Priests

15 Apr

Cardinal Bertone has blamed gays for the pedophile scandals involving Catholic priests, and denied that church’s rule of celibacy is the culprit. It is a fallacy that gays are more likely than heterosexuals to abuse children, in fact the opposite is true. Most child abuse is of girls by male adults either in the family or […]

Is Science About to Prove God Exists?

10 Apr

This may seem a silly question, and of course it depends on what you understand by ‘God’. However now I’ve gotten your attention, what we are really talking about is a disembodied consciousness or conscious energy field which organizes sub-atomic particles in order to create matter. It doesn’t necessarily mean a Creator who is all-knowing and […]

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