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Visiting Brian

31 Mar

Yesterday I traveled to Hastings with an old friend to visit Brian, another old friend now in a care home in St Leonards-on-Sea (the ‘posh’ part of Hastings). John and Alice were waiting for us at the station in a car to take us to the care home. John being the nephew of Brian’s life-partner […]

War is no solution

28 Mar

War has been described in various ways. Barbaric would be the most apt description; a complete breakdown of humane and civilized behavior. It has also, I believe,  been described as a continuation of politics by other means, and a way of solving international disputes when all else has failed. I would dispute these last two […]

Annie Nanji Recordings

26 Mar

A Swedish woman who after her death talked regularly with her husband, born in India but who later moved to Sweden, over a period of 13 years from 1970 to 1983 via Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint. Actually Annie has more of a French accent, and I believe mentions relatives in France, so it may […]

Official OAP

25 Mar

Last Saturday I had my 65th birthday anniversary, so I’m now officially what in UK is known as an OAP, or Old Age Pensioner entitled to a State Pension. I took early retirement nearly three years ago to look after my mother, whose 95 and lives nearby in sheltered accommodation. I often wonder who’ll look […]


21 Mar

Hot on the heels of the mathematical theories of British scientist Ronald Pearson which state that all living things survive death and that the conscious i-ther permeates the universe or multiverse, comes the quantum physics theory of Biocentrism developed by American scientist Robert Lanza which says much the same thing: that the Universe and everything […]

Characters at work

18 Mar

I thought I’d do a light-hearted blog about some of the characters I’ve worked with over the decades. My first job in the Work Study Office of the Alcuin Press, Welwyn Garden City from 1961-1962 brought me in touch with the Father of the Chapel. ‘Oh, they must be very religious,’ I thought, till I […]

Physical Phenomena

09 Mar

There are various categories of physical phenomena which provide evidence of survival, or life after death. There is physical mediumship, ITC/EVP (Instrumental Trans Communication/Electronic Voice Phenomena), and then there are poltergeists, ghosts and hauntings. The problem with all these is testing under laboratory conditions. With physical mediumship this is particularly difficult, as not only are […]

Not normal?

07 Mar

This was a phrase my Greek-Cypriot cousin used yesterday to describe homosexuality, saying she’d still support any son/daughter who was gay but it was ‘not normal’. This choice of phrasing carries the unfortunate implication that all homosexuals are ‘abnormal’. I would prefer the term ‘not usual’, with the implication that being gay was unusual. Not […]


03 Mar

 Click on Montage to enlarge it Ostalgie is the German term coined for nostalgia for the old Socialist regime in East Germany (Ost being the German word for East, thus: Eastalgia would be an English equivalent). The film ‘Goodbye Lenin’ gave an idea how many former citizens of the GDR (German Democratic Republic or DDR […]

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