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Rockin’ Our Lives Away

28 Feb

A group of 1950s-style rock’n’roll and Roots Music fans meet up in central London once a month for a drink and a meal out, and for the occasional outing and gig. Some of us have been on trips to the USA together, visiting venues and places of interest associated with the music we love, most […]

Gold and Silver Players – pix

18 Feb

  CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE THEM! ‘CINDERELLA’ ) Ugly Sisters (Eddie and Tony) Dandini and Wicked Stepmother (Anne and Dot – Tony’s mum) Footman, Prince Charming, Dandini, Wicked Stepmother (Sharma, Maureen, Anne, Dot) Cinderella and Fairy Godmother (Elvina and Modupe) Baron Hardup and Buttons (Hilda and Carmen) Prince Charming (Maureen) ‘COYOTE STEALS THE FIRE’ […]

Conservative Cooperatives?

17 Feb

David Cameron and others in the Conservative Party have recently been promoting the idea of cooperatives. Does this mean, while New Labour have been converted lock, stock and barrel to unbridled privatization and capitalism, the New Tories are being converted to Marxism? Unlikely in the extreme, but perfectly possible they are desperately trying to gather […]

Old Age/New Age Philosophy

14 Feb

Towards the end of next month I will hit 65, which in Britain at present for men is when we are eligible to collect our State pension. They are, of course, trying to raise it so that we all slog our guts out and drop dead at work before having a chance to retire or […]


12 Feb

This was the subject of a pretentious and rather silly Horizon program on BBC 2 the other night. When not showing children, and adult mathematicians, counting upwards, it was discussing whether there was a biggest number. This utter nonsense was presented as science or mathematics. What a load of drivel! The term ‘biggest number’ is […]

Fiendish Plot Afoot

06 Feb

Good old fashioned packaging Yes, there is undoubtedly a fiendish plot to deprive us ‘oldies’ of many of the basic necessities of life. The plot takes the form of completely unopenable wrappers, jars, etc.. Many of these are described as ‘childproof’ but of course we know that really they are ‘oldieproof’. Undoubtedly the Illuminati, a […]

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