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Goodbye Old Friends!

31 Jan

   (Click on photos to enlarge them) Above and below: The Middlesex Hospital   This past week I’ve sadly had to say ‘goodbye’ to two very old friends. Not people, but buildings, or parts of buildings. One was the Middlesex Hospital where I was born back in 1945, and where I was under constant treatment […]

Prosecutions for passing on HIV and revelation of HIV status.

30 Jan

This is a very delicate and controversial subject, and was brought to my attention again recently at a discussion group I attended where two fairly recent press articles were displayed. One concerned the adoption of a baby by foster parents, who were not told the real mother was HIV positive. The other concerned a Scottish […]

New World Order/Old World Order?

27 Jan

The term ‘New World Order’ is bandied about to connect various conspiracy theories including various alleged assassinations and supposed terrorist incidents, etc. This would include the death of Diana in Paris and 9/11. I personally prefer the term ‘New World Order’ to ‘the Illuminati’ or ‘a race of Reptilians’ which some of the more extreme […]

The Future of the Monarchy

27 Jan

I am a republican, and indeed a European federalist so I would love to see a united federal republic of Europe (or even better a European union of Socialist republics). But this is unlikely to happen within my lifetime at least. So what is the future of the Monarchy in Britain? That is after the […]

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None?

18 Jan

When paying my gas bill this morning I was again told it would be cheaper to get my electricity supply from the same company, and I refused to even consider it as always. In this crazy mixed-up world today where everyone but me has gone bonkers you can get your electricity supply from the gas […]

Atheist Monk?

16 Jan

A long-deceased monk from Bury St Edmunds, Brother Boniface, came thru in a number of direct voice seances by the medium the late Leslie Flint in the 1960s and 1970s. His communications tend to be repetitive and rather long-winded, but in one of them (available on the Internet, read or listen to last communication by […]

Nature of the Afterlife

09 Jan

Recently I’ve acquired some interesting new information via the Internet as usual, which is a goldmine for researchers into anything. It was pointed out to me by Survivalist Michael Roll in a comment to a previous blog that the concept of reincarnation is a fallacy, yet I find there seems to be evidence for it. It […]

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