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The Turin Shroud Mystery

30 Dec

A Channel 4 program in UK tonight spent a whole hour to say that the carbon testing of the Turin Shroud proving it to be a fake created in the Middle Ages, was flawed because the sample taken was contaminated with a cotton repair made in the 16th Century. It came to the conclusion that […]

This New Bland World

27 Dec

Someone somewhere has obviously decreed that certain things are bad for us, are ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘politically incorrect’, so they have either banned them outright or made them very difficult to obtain. This is NOT my imagination, it is happening everywhere, and other people of my generation agree with me. No doubt the older generation have […]

A New Soviet Union?

24 Dec

  I watched Jonathan Dimbleby’s BBC 4 series about his epic 10,000 mile journey across the Russian Federation, and had very mixed feelings. Statues of Lenin and other relics of Communism are everywhere, and so of course are symbols of the post-Soviet era. Foreign and Russian millionaires, Western multinationals, drug-peddling, prostitution, Mafia-type criminal gangs, corruption, an atmosphere of repression and […]

The Profit Motive and Incentives

19 Dec

An Italian acquaintance and myself were chatting last week, and the conversation got quite political. He thought Margaret Thatcher was the greatest thing since sliced bread, whilst being an ex-Communist Party member I thought the same about Socialism. He brought out the hoary old argument that Socialism failed because there were no incentives under that […]

Voices From Beyond The Grave

13 Dec

Many who see my link to the DianaSpeaks site to the right of this article (do click on it and listen to at least one of the podcasts yourself before dismissing it as bunkum) or who have read any of my blogs on Diana, former Princess of Wales speaking thru her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis […]

Strong and comic Northern women of Corrie

08 Dec

Ena Sharples (Violet Carson) Conceived by a gay man, Tony Warren, it is perhaps not surprising that part of Coronation’s Street longevity (50 next year) is the constant stream of strong Northern women who have appeared in the serial. The very first scene featured Ena Sharples (Violet Carson) in Florrie Linley’s corner shop. Ena was […]

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