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Three Wise Men?

29 Nov

I couldn’t resist sending the above seasonal/political greeting to a few friends, etc. who I felt wouldn’t be offended. The idea came when I told a vicar I know who invited me to a Carol service followed by a Christmas lunch that the service wasn’t really my cup of tea if I was expected to […]

3D Mania

28 Nov

Well I’ve been waiting for it for about 56 years, ever since I first saw 3D films at the Saturday Morning Pictures in the early 1950s. But John Logie Baird, TV pioneer, demonstrated full color, 3D and hi-definition TV on huge screens back in the 1930s and 1940s, so the so-called 3D revolution has been […]

Inheritance Anomalies

25 Nov

The sensible thing to do is to make a Will, but many people don’t do this for various reasons, or just put it off indefinitely until it is too late. I have come across several cases among friends and family where, Will or no Will, inheritance rights have caused major problems and difficulties. It seems […]

Rhythm Riot!

24 Nov

Just back from the Rhythm Riot! rock’n’roll Weekender at Pontin’s Holiday Center, Camber Sands on the windswept, rainy East Sussex coast. A crowd of friends were there, including many ‘Woodies’ (members of Keith Woods’ social club for recycled teenagers) and one of the original Teddy-boys, Breathless Dan Coffey who was responsible in the 1960s for […]

We Wish You A Rotten Christmas…

17 Nov

  That seems to be the message from the public transport organizations at this time of year. The very day everybody in the country badly needs public transport, it is taken off! Christmas Day is the time families and friends like to meet up, party and have a few drinks. This means even for those […]

Back to Cyprus after 11 years

10 Nov

Above: flags of the two Cypriot republics   After a gap of over 11 years I returned to my father’s country of Cyprus for a week’s holiday. The changes during that time are quite enormous. Whereas in 1998 it was not possible for Greek-Cypriots to visit the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, and Turkish-Cypriots could […]

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