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Ghosts In The Machine

27 Oct

This BBC4 program mixed fictional sci-fi and ghost stories with mediums, illusionists and reality TV ghost-hunting programs. It therefore said nothing useful at all, but gave the overall impression that we like to be scared out of our wits, but really there’s no such thing as ghosts or the afterlife. The technique was familiar to […]

At Long Last!

23 Oct

Armed police units are being sent to patrol no-go areas on troublesome estates/areas in London where teenage gun gangs rule the roost. Yet the do-gooders are screaming blue murder about it, saying it will ruin race relations and will not stop gun crime. What a bunch of crap! I’m a pacifist, but I fully support […]


21 Oct

Last night I dreamt I took a friend to Margate, where we had most of our Summer holidays as kids. I was showing the friend where we used to stay, and then started crying thinking of all the happy memories. I woke up still crying. The whole family spent many happy times in Margate, which […]

BNP On BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’

15 Oct

The BNP leader, now an MEP, is to appear on a future edition of BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’ along with panel members from other political parties, etc.. This has resulted in a lot of criticism, with the certainty of demonstrations outside and possibly inside the studio. There’s an old saying: ‘I don’t agree with what […]

Curiouser and Curiouser

12 Oct

As Alice said thru the Looking Glass, or was it when she entered Wonderland? Anyway, subjects such as the afterlife and the nature of our eternal selves/consciousness is far more complex than we ever could imagine or comprehend with our human minds. It seems there are many facets or parts of each individual human spirit […]

‘The Invention of Lying’

09 Oct

I just saw a film ‘comedy’ today with a friend. The film was called ‘The Invention of Lying’. Though it has some funny lines, it is essentially a mockery of those who believe in the afterlife, and also of all religions and those who believe in God or as the movie calls the concept ‘the […]

The New McCarthyism?

06 Oct

Senator Joseph McCarthy Senator Joe McCarthy was the notorious Witchfinder General in the early 1950s who persecuted and ruined the lives of many famous singers,  Hollywood actors and other celebrities thru his House Committee on UnAmerican Activities. McCarthy was, in fact, a mirror image of another Joe – Joseph Stalin, then ruling the Soviet Union […]

Unifying concept

04 Oct

The trouble with religion is it is so divisive. I made up my mind, as a teenager, that Christianity couldn’t possibly be the only religion which was right, and all the others wrong. Much less that Christians would go to Heaven, and everybody else go to Hell. In actual fact it was more divisive than […]

Reading from Martin

03 Oct

I attended the Saturday evening of clairvoyance at the Clapham Common Spiritualist center tonite, and got a message from a very nice, but rather nervous, obviously gay medium called Martin. He felt he wasn’t getting accurate messages for people, but I suspect he was rather better than he thought. In my case he was, on […]

Take them off our streets!

01 Oct

Who? Hoodlum youth gangs armed with guns and knives. I read in a local paper this week about a report that kids under the so-called age of legal responsibility, 10 years old, are being sent to a council estate near where I live by older gang members armed with guns to shoot at rival gang […]

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