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Getting Older

27 Sep

We are all getting older of course, but I’m now in my mid-60s, and my surviving old friends from way back are now in their 70s. Even newer friends from the last 20 years of my life are mainly in their 60s or 70s. I find that my interests have changed as I get older, […]

Contingency plans for Martial Law

24 Sep

Rumors are spreading round the Internet, especially via certain websites, that preparations are well advanced in the USA, and probably other countries since the World Health Organization is involved, for dealing with a Swine Flu pandemic. There are reports of internment camps being set up all over the States, and plans for those who refuse […]

‘I’ve had my fill of the men of war who want to kill’

18 Sep

This is a line, or two lines actually, from an old peace song we used to sing on the Aldermaston Marches. The Family of Man by Fred Dallas and John Hasted. The full verse goes: ‘From the North Pole ice to the snow at the other, there isn’t a man I wouldn’t call brother, but […]

None so blind, none so deaf

13 Sep

I have played recordings of the spirit of Diana, former Princess of Wales, speaking thru her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis to several people, others have seen her written messages. None of them even entertain the idea it is really Diana speaking thru Andrew, making superficial/shallow comments such as the voice is not exactly the same as […]

Materialism is Obsolete

06 Sep

Materialism is obsolete. That’s a guaranteed fact. Anyone who believes the ‘reality’ around them which they perceive with their five senses is the whole picture is not only deceiving themselves, but are hopelessly out of touch with modern scientific theory and quantum physics. In actual fact we are living in a ‘virtual reality’ universe which […]

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