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‘Mean Old Man’ – new Jerry Lee Lewis single!

27 Aug

  Turning 74 the end of next month, Jerry Lee Lewis has just released a new single ‘Mean Old Man’, written by Kris Kristofferson who’s provided Jerry with #1 hits in the past. The single is available for download from ITunes and Amazon USA. It can also be heard on YouTube: This is taken […]

Was it all a sham?

20 Aug

Some people who lived in the former Socialist countries are nostalgic for at least some things that kind of society gave them, others say the whole thing was a ‘sham’ and not Socialist at all. As a former Communist, I most definitely side with the former. As with all things in this world involving humans, […]

In transition

16 Aug

This is a difficult time for me. Many friends have fallen ill over the past 12 months, several been hospitalized, some with life-threatening situations. One has actually died. The Friday before last my uncle rang to say that my mother’s sister, Olive, was very ill in hospital. I informed the rest of the family, and my […]

On Another Planet

11 Aug

Not a blog about aliens, but about Jerry Lee Lewis, and how other popular music has passed me by as though I were living on Mars. Many people identify the past decades by the pop hits of the day, or the styles of music/fashions. So we have the rock’n’roll era, the Merseybeat era of the middle Sixties, the […]

Ban The Bomb For Evermore!

07 Aug

Yesterday, August 6th, was Hiroshima Day, and Sunday August 9th will be Nagasaki Day, when peace lovers remember the thousands of innocent men, women and children murdered by the United States military both on those terrible two days in 1945 and in the decades since from cancers caused by the nuclear fallout. The lie has […]

Of no marital status

04 Aug

Every adult in this country with a partner now has the option of either marriage or a civil partnership. But spare a thought for my generation of gay men and women, now in our 60s and 70s or older. If our partners have died then we have no status whatsoever. I was with my partner […]

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