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Two decades later

26 Jul

It is 20 years since Socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern/Central Europe started to collapse. I have written extensively on this blog and on my other site (see link to The Unorthodox Website) about this, but here I want to look at it from a slightly different angle. The immediate cause of the collapse of the […]


22 Jul

The best comedy is often politically very incorrect, and therefore in this day and age rarely allowed. Think of all the great comedy on TV in the past, and you realize that, when at its funniest, it was poking fun at foreigners, mothers-in-law, women in general, certain ethnic groups or minorities. Yesterday I saw Sacha Baron […]

Cyprus (and other world problem areas)

19 Jul

Republic of Cyprus flag   Turkish Republic of North Cyprus flag A Greek-Cypriot friend asked if I was going on the demonstration today. I asked: what demonstration? About what?  Apparently this is the annual demonstration against the so-called Turkish invasion of Cyprus, but the friend explained it is mainly to call for adequate compensation for […]

Free accommodation, abolition of taxes, full employment…

15 Jul

(Click on the Pyongyang buildings pictures to enlarge them) Flag of the DPRK (North Korea) Sound like a utopia? According to Wikipedia this is what citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea enjoy. Not by any means the most liberal country in the world, in fact an isolated Stalinist backwater immersed in the personality […]

Texting, IM, Email, Fax – all ANCIENT technology!

11 Jul

It amuses me when the younger generation think they are so cool because they use texting, IM, email, etc. to send each other messages, using abbreviated language like ‘It wld b gr8 2cu’. A group of people were doing this decades ago, we were called telegraph or telex operators. The technology was virtually the same. […]

July musings

08 Jul

As we entered July the weather was hot, and I was off to the annual Wildest Cats In Town rock’n’roll Weekender at Pakefield, Lowestoft on Friday July 3rd. This weekender always clashes with Gay Pride, but for me there is no contest – rock’n’roll always wins. Not all gay men like Kylie Monogue and all […]

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