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Capitalism, Neo-Colonialism and Migration

26 Apr

  Karl Marx A recent statement by the Heads of State of progressive Latin American countries said that ‘capitalism threatens life on the planet’. In 15 numbered clauses they answer the ‘Draft Declaration of the 5th Summit of the Americas’ which, the Heads of State say, does not provide the answers to the Global Economic Crisis. I […]

Diana’s new site now fully operational

24 Apr

Diana has posted this comment to a much earlier blog of mine via her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis. I repeat it here so it doesn’t get missed. The site is well worth many visits, especially for the many podcasts. May I add that Diana and Andrew are welcome to contribute to this site whenever they […]

Comrade Mahon leaves New Labour!

18 Apr

  WE’LL KEEP THE RED FLAG FLYING HERE!   A leftwing comrade and former Labour MP, Alice Mahon, has finally had enough and decided she can no long remain a member of a Party which has abandoned all its principles. As she said in an interview, even if people leaving the Party and not voting […]

In the name of ‘Defending Freedom’

14 Apr

A friend sent me a ’round robin’ email the other day principally about Islamic fundamentalism/extremism and the duty of ordinary peace-loving Muslims to speak up and condemn the extremists. Also mentioned in the email was the failure of ordinary Germans, Japanese, Rwandans, etc. to speak up against atrocities committed by their fellow-countrymen in recent history. […]

U.S. President says: ‘Ban The Bomb!’

08 Apr

How I’ve longed to write those words for the past 50 years or so, since I first heard about CND and its ‘Ban The Bomb’ campaign. Now, at long last, there is a U.S. President, Barack Obama, who seriously seems to want to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The process of reducing the vast […]

Dave Woodland’s 50th Birthday Party

05 Apr

Tales From The Woods presented Dave Woodland’s 50th birthday bash at the Inn on the Green, Ladbroke Grove last nite (April 4th), and it was a great occasion with a good atmosphere, and some splendid, first-class entertainment. So good was it that people from the public bar were allowed to swarm in during the final […]

Thank goodness for subtitles.

03 Apr

I’ve reached the age when I need the subtitles to understand anything on TV featuring people under about 40. This is partly due to my being a bit deaf, partly due to the different language the younger generation uses, but mainly due to the fact that people in this age group tend to speak too […]

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