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Why bother?

30 Mar

Apathy is perhaps the biggest obstacle to human progress, and I find in my older years I’m guilty of it myself. I write my political blogs, but what do I actually DO nowadays? In my younger days I was always on protest marches or demonstrations, getting myself arrested, or something. Ever since 2 million people marched thru […]

The problems of resolving disputes under Socialism

24 Mar

Further to my last two blogs, on Trotsky’s ideas for ‘permanent revolution’ and the ‘Lost World of Communism’ BBC 2 series, both these articles highlight the very real problems of resolving disputes and disagreements under the conditions of Socialism. This is especially true when it is a one-party State, or where one party (the Marxist-Leninist […]

The Lost World of Communism

22 Mar

Rally in Marx-Engels Platz, Berlin – Capital of the GDR, September 1968  BBC 2 is broadcasting this series. The first was about the GDR (East Germany) and this week it was about the CSSR (Czechoslovakia), both countries which no longer exist. The GDR was absorbed into the FRG (West Germany) and Czechoslovakia split into the […]

Trotsky’s ‘permanent revolution’ not the answer

14 Mar

An advocate of Trotskyism on the quiz progam ‘Mastermind’ predictably insisted that it was democratic, whereas what existed in the Soviet Union and other Socialist countries after Lenin died and Stalin took over wasn’t. The problem with this statement, of course, is that both Trotskyism and so-called ‘Stalinism’ have their basis in the very same Marxist-Leninist […]

Brief history of UK gay scene and my breaking into it

08 Mar

I was a complete virgin till I was 22. This was 1967, and the only reason I lost my virginity then was because that was the year the 1967 Sexual Offences Act was passed supposedly making male homosexuality legal. It actually did nothing of the sort, as will be seen from the following article. All […]

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

03 Mar

In this case, it’s TV adverts. Most of the old ones had jolly little jingles. I can remember so many of them: You’ll wonder where the yellow went When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent There was even a children’s toothpaste which came in five different flavors and colors: Five luvverly flavors in Punch & […]

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