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Controversial Borders

18 Feb

If I were psycho-analyzed it would be interesting to see why I always had a fascination with controversial international borders. At the age of 16 in the Summer of 1961, within days of the Berlin Wall being built (or quite possibly while it was still being built/made more escape-proof) I was on holiday in Margate, […]

The Ages of Invention, Innovation and Progress

13 Feb

We look around this modern world of ours, and marvel at all the gadgets and inventions we take for granted. However, people often make the mistake of assuming that many of these are recent inventions, and that the late 20th and early 21st centuries have brought us lots of new technology. In actual fact, the […]

Foreign workers, British jobs, and international solidarity

07 Feb

This is a very contentious issue at the moment, with the so-called ‘credit crunch’ and rising unemployment. As a strong supporter of the European Union and free movement within the EU, it may be assumed that I have no problem with workers from other EU countries coming here for jobs. In actual fact I see […]

Survivalism and Spiritualism

03 Feb

Survivalism has more than one meaning, but it is now being used by some atheists, agnostics and non-religious people to describe a belief in ‘life after death’ based on empirical evidence from many sources. Spiritualism also uses similar methods and seeks to prove ‘life after death’ thru presenting evidence for it, but has many religious […]

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