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28 Jan

As we start 2009 there are a lot of changes taking place, both in the world in general, and in my personal life. On a global scale, we have the financial crisis, which I admit I don’t really understand. It just seems to me so many have been living on credit and other unearned income, […]


11 Jan

  The situation in occupied Palestine never improves much, and just demonstrates how one war leads to another. Israel was only established (on stolen Palestinian land) in the aftermath of World War II, largely due to the guilt of the Axis and Allied powers. The Axis for the Holocaust of course, and the Allies for […]

Diana Speaks on a New York radio station.

08 Jan

Diana, former Princess of Wales, is interviewed on a New York radio station, as is her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis. Coming on top of a TV interview elsewhere, other radio interviews and an interview in a film to be released probably later this year, the Diana phenomenum is starting to break through the silence in […]

New Year, new start?

01 Jan

There’s a lot of unwarranted optimism every December 31st that the New Year is going to be better than the last, or in my case, the last 63. Why should it be? We hope the world is gradually getting better, but sometimes see little evidence of this. Perhaps, as Lenin said, it’s a case of […]

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