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Government of the People, by the People, for the People.

21 Dec

This is a definition of ‘democracy’, but what is ‘democracy’? What, indeed, is meant by ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’? Perhaps the most apt description would be what Lenin and the Bolsheviks handed to the people with their motto ‘all power to the soviets!’ In principle, this was the most democratic government […]

Lady Lobelia Lives!

17 Dec

  Lady Snobbo at a party (click picture to enlarge it) All my life, since a kid, I have been either mimicking real characters, or inventing ones. A real character I mimicked was a Polish woman who lived next door and was studying to be a doctor. My brother and I called her ‘Mrs Do-not-shout’ […]

Another phone call from Diana!

11 Dec

Yes, I have received another phone call from Diana, former Princess of Wales. Today’s was shorter, and she rang me principally so I could hear her higher pitched voice as channeled through Andrew Russell-Davis, her voice channel. The change happened today, when he was inspired to pick up The Bible. This is Spirit working to […]

Karmic Law rules!

07 Dec

Do you shed a tear, or have sympathy, for those guys, and possibly gals, making Al Quaida’s bombs to blow up innocent civilians? Do you worry about them breathing in those dangerous fumes, handling those dangerous chemicals, getting their hands stained with explosives and always risking a premature detonation? No? Then why are we expected […]

Mediumship, Channeling and ITC

01 Dec

I am still learning about these various forms of apparently connecting with other dimensions, often called the Spiritual Planes of Existence or quantum parallel universes/alternative realities, beyond our known physical world. Channeling is a form of mediumship becoming increasingly popular with New Age philosophies and followers, particularly in America. It involves a medium or channeler […]

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