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Birthdays/death days/Weekender

29 Sep

Today, September 29th, is my favorite performer’s 73rd birthday, Jerry Lee Lewis, who performs in UK again in late October, two London shows. I’m also seeing him in Paris in November. Today is also the 17th anniversary of the death of my partner, George Miller. I try to think of it as his 17th birthday […]

‘The Tyrant of the North’ up to its old tricks again?

14 Sep

The son of an American friend of mine is in Bolivia working at a school. He seems to be something of a liberal ‘leftie’ to use American parlance, or ‘progressive’ to use a more universal term. In a recent letter to his mother he used the phrase ‘the tyrant of the North’ and then described how […]

The British political scene

07 Sep

There is constant realignment on the British political scene. This is not always obvious, as for many decades the House of Commons has been dominated by two political parties, the Conservatives and Labour, who have both formed many governments over this period. But the realignments have involved the emergence of the Social Democrats some decades […]

Diana – empirical evidence being sought

05 Sep

Although the podcast interviews have stopped for the time being, things have been going on behind the scenes. After-life researchers are seeking empirical evidence that the ‘Diana’ entity is indeed who she says she is, though the numerous interviews still available on the Internet (see or already provide considerable evidence from voice patterns, phraseology, […]

Political Dilemma 3

02 Sep

I really feel there is currently no political party of the Left I feel happy about joining. What is needed is some sort of re-alignment of leftwing politics in this country. Ideally, this would involve a shift to the Left from the Labour Party itself, or alternatively the Party splitting into two, with the leftwing finally […]

Political dilemma – 2

01 Sep

I am now narrowing down my choices to probably two: remaining outside all political parties/groupings, or joining the Cooperative Party. Both the CPB and CPGB have failed, so far, to answer my questions. The Cooperative Party does not need to answer or clarify anything for me: I know they are committed to multi-party democracy with […]

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