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Lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer

30 Jul

Summer is an unpredictable thing nowadays. Last year it passed us by altogether, with just a few sunny days here and there. This year has been better, starting off with some very hot weather in May. My mother and I were booked on several day trips to the coast, and a week at a holiday […]

The Internet is busting wide the cover-ups!

27 Jul

After the sensational ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ podcasts, come more sensational Internet revelations. Dr Ed Mitchell, respected scientist, NASA astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the Moon, can be heard in this YouTube clip telling a British radio interviewer that UFOs are a real phenomenom, that we have been visited by alien craft, […]

Philosophical questions

18 Jul

Is there intelligent design in Nature? Quite obviously there is. Something as complicated as a human or animal, with all their internal organs, defense mechanisms, etc. cannot possibly have come about thru mere ‘chance’ or ‘accident’ coupled with so-called natural selection. The idea is totally preposterous. Is there therefore a Creator or God? Not necessarily, […]


13 Jul

Just a general post as I haven’t written one for a while, having been on holiday for a week. The rock’n’roll weekend, Wildest Cats In Town, was great, met many friends, and paid my deposit for next July sharing with Frank Walker to see The Comets and Gene Summers. The main American acts this year were […]

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