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Everything coming at once.

30 Jun

Isn’t it strange how everything seems to happen at the wrong time? After waiting years for an allotment, I’m offered one just as I’m about to go on holiday, with the warning if I don’t accept and start cultivating it within about three weeks, I’ll lose it. This is absolutely impossible of course. I’ll have […]

Diana thanks me

25 Jun

In a new podcast interview, #29 in the entire batch of podcasts, and #9 in the ‘Diana Then And Now’ series, Diana speaks of recent developments during the gap since the last podcast interviews were recorded. This gap was due to personal problems in the family of Rose Campbell, the interviewer, which have now been […]

‘Diana’ update

21 Jun

A few weeks ago I posted some blogs about the posthumous ‘Diana, former Princess of Wales’ messages available on the Internet. These are in the form of an autobiographical book, written messages, podcasts in which American medium Rose Campbell interviews ‘Diana’, and YouTube videos in which she speaks thru her main channeler, medium Andrew Russell-Davis. In […]


18 Jun

Today I was emailed by an old colleague from Battersea CND as was, that I am now to be granted an allotment, after waiting a few years. Now in charge of allotments in the borough, she wants to know if I’m interested, as it is some distance from where I live. Since there are no […]

Falling house/property prices

13 Jun

There’s been a lot of hype in the media about the devastating effect on home owners of falling property prices, but surely this is a very good thing, enabling first time buyers to get on to the property ladder if they so wish? For home owners, does it really matter one hoot whether their home […]


11 Jun

Over a year after taking early retirement, I find I have settled into a new routine. I am still at home very little, not really any more time, or not much more, than when I was working part-time. I used to be out of the flat from about 11 a.m. till 7.30 or 8 p.m. […]

Rather unusual evening

10 Jun

After enjoying the glorious mini-heatwave at my favorite swimming pond up Hampstead this afternoon, I came in and the phone rang. It was Andrew, the medium who channels Diana. Then Diana herself came on the phone. We chatted for an hour or two, it’s not everyday you get the opportunity to chat, well listen mainly, […]

Diana really does speak!

09 Jun

Rose Campbell has explained that Diana’s voice comes thru stronger, and sounding more like her, the more Andrew Russell-Davis becomes a channeler for her. This explains the variations in voice with podcasts and some of the earlier YouTube clips. As to the messages I was receiving about ‘deceit, trickery, sleight of hand’ I now believe […]

Reply from Diana medium Rose Campbell

08 Jun

See below (comments to my June 7th blog) for Rose Campbell’s comments, in reply to my previous weblogs and a comment I put on one of Rose’s sites asking directly if the Diana Speaks messages were all a hoax. Rose has gone some way to dispelling my doubts. We must get to the bottom of […]

‘Diana’ messages – fake?

07 Jun

I today received further warnings, channeled from the Other Side, that these messages may be quote a ‘sleight of hand’ by a mentally challenged person. This would, perhaps, give a motive – a desire for fame and recognition. So I’m afraid we must be very wary. However, I have to also consider the possibility that mischievous […]

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