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London elections

30 Apr

Yes, I know there are local elections thruout England and Wales, but as a Londoner I realize we have a fight on our hands to keep Ken Livingstone as Mayor of the capital city. I don’t usually vote New Labour since they became, in effect, the New Tories under the leadership of Tony ‘Thatcherite’ Blair, […]

Freedom of movement?

28 Apr

Freedom of movement yes, absolute freedom to emigrate/immigrate, no. This is so blindingly obvious, but the two concepts seem to get confused. All countries have to control immigration and emigration, which was why the DDR (East Germany) built the Berlin Wall, why the USA has erected a huge fence on its Southern border with Mexico, and […]

Local Elections

26 Apr

On May Day, celebrated by workers throughout the world (except USA) as Labor Day, local elections take place in UK. In London there is also an election for Mayor. Although I can’t bring myself to vote for New Labour usually, because of their appalling record in office under Blair/Brown, and their wholesale adoption of Thatcherite […]

London buses – and trams!

24 Apr

London bendy-bus (click on picture to enlarge.)  Tory London Mayor candidate Boris Johnson wants to design and bring back a new Routemaster, with conductors. Totally impractical! It was a great bus in its day, but dangerous because of its hop on/hop off open platform, and quite unsuitable for rush hours (it could only take 5 standing […]

Get on the plane!

22 Apr

The last program in the Channel 4 Dispatches series ‘Immigration, the inconvenient truth’ was very insulting to born-and-bred British people. Rageh Omar, after interviewing Norman ‘get on your bike’ Tebbit, concluded the solution to immigrants undercutting our hard-fought for wages and stealing our jobs, was to ‘get on a plane’ and find jobs overseas. This […]

The British Invasion of the 1960s

18 Apr

 (Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.) This title refers to pop or rock music of course. To understand what happened in the mid-1960s we need to look at Britain, because this is where the wave of groups starting with The Beatles emanated from, quickly captivating America in what became known as ‘the British invasion’ […]

Unequal Opportunities in the Past

16 Apr

How lucky young people are today in the UK. Most of them no longer suffer the totally unfair agony of the 11+, an examination which marked us out for life as ‘successful’ or ‘failures’. They go to comprehensives, where they have considerable choice as which subjects they study, they then have the opportunity to take GCSE […]

Cooperative Loyalty Card? What’s that all about?

12 Apr

Today I got a phone call from the Cooperative Bank, I believe it was, asking if I want a Cooperative Loyalty card. Since they shut down all our local Cooperative stores about 30 or more years ago, I told them there was no point. Then I asked ‘Why is the Coop introducing Loyalty cards? Surely […]

What’s cooking?

10 Apr

Roast beef properly cooked (click to enlarge picture) What’s cooking? Overdone beef and under-cooked vegetables is the short answer.  Unless you go to a very expensive hotel, restaurant or pub with a Carvery, you’ll find most places have no idea how to serve roast beef, or indeed roast lamb. The same applies to most domestic households. […]

Olympics and political protest

07 Apr

Watching on TV the Olympic Torch being carried across London yesterday, and the protests over Chinese repression in Tibet and elsewhere, makes me think whether there have been many Olympics when there has not been some political issue involved? There were games in Moscow during the days of the Soviet Union, with protests and boycotts, […]

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