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The Samson Syndrome (and Football)

29 Mar

David Beckham with and without hair In the Bible is the story of how Samson’s long flowing locks were cut off by Delilah, and he then lost all his strength. Seeing David Beckham on TV news the other day talking about getting his 100th cap for playing on the England side, I couldn’t help but […]

Aldermaston – Our Auschwitz

25 Mar

Yesterday, Easter Monday, I returned to the Aldermaston factory of genocide along with thousands of other peace campaigners on CND’s 50th anniversary protest and commemoration of the first Aldermaston March in 1958. Looking out of the coach windows as we came off the M4 motorway and went thru the picturesque Berkshire countryside, via the pretty […]

Fewer, or more, divided countries?

23 Mar

Once there were at least five divided countries – Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Cyprus, Ireland. Now that Vietnam has been reunited under Socialism and Germany under capitalism, that just leaves the other three. Republic of Cyprus    TRNC (N. Cyprus) In Cyprus, where my father came from, the travel restrictions between the Greek-Cypriot South (Republic of Cyprus) and the […]


17 Mar

I seem to have been surrounded by these most of my life, which is no doubt why I can see myself becoming one as I grow older. An oddity who clings to the music/values of the distant past, who sticks out like a sore thumb because of my old-fashioned hairstyle, etc., and who is liable […]

Too much choice?

10 Mar

We have far too much ‘choice’ in Britain today. I’m fed up with having to constantly make crazy, nonsensical ‘decisions’ such as whether I want my gas from an electric company, my electric from a gas company, and my phone/internet service from a multitude of different companies. I am pressurized by salespersons with intrusive and unsolicited […]

Are the white working-class being marginalized in UK?

07 Mar

This is basically the subject of a brave BBC 2 series which started tonite, the first program concentrating on the problems in Bradford, centered around a dying working-man’s club. It came across almost as a party political broadcast for the BNP. Tomorrow they are screening the second program in the series ‘Rivers of Blood’, a quote […]

Memories of the First Ten Years

02 Mar

I thought I’d take a trip way down Memory Lane to my very earliest ones, which are so long ago they are somewhat hazy. The very earliest are just hazy snapshots in my memory bank. We are talking about the first ten years of my life, the late 1940s and early 1950s. My very first […]

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