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Becoming respectable

29 Feb

In the bad old days being a gay man in the UK, quite apart from being not respectable, was illegal. Lesbianism was never made against the law since Queen Victoria refused to approve such legislation, believing women wouldn’t get up to such things. (Or perhaps she had a crush on her maid of the bedchamber after Albert […]

Ancient, modern and brand spanking new

24 Feb

Everything is relative, Einstein taught us that. People see things differently. So when I was talking to a friend and neighbor about a nearby pub and described it as ‘that new building’ he challenged this. Since it was built 10 years before he was born, probably erected in the 1950s, he regarded it as an […]

Diana’s car crash

20 Feb

Muhammad Al-Fayed came across as a ranting, raving, paranoid conspiracy theorist in the courts the other day. He was accusing everyone in positions of power of being part of the conspiracy/cover up, and calling them names like ‘Nazi’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Dracula’, etc. The trouble is he has no proof, and never will have. If Diana was […]

On the other side yet again.

18 Feb

I frequently find myself out-of-tune with most people on all sorts of things, from pop/rock music, thru fashion, my sexuality to political issues. For instance, many people in Western countries applauded the falling of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. I still think these were two of the greatest tragedies of the […]

CND – 50 years on

16 Feb

Ban The Bomb For Evermore! We little thought, when we marched to/from Aldermaston in the late 1950s/early 1960s, that we’d still be demonstrating there against the latest development of that evil place in the 21st century. My first Aldermaston March was in 1962, and I hope to attend the 50th anniversary demo there on Easter […]

Crush all cars and improve public transport

14 Feb

Last Sunday I had to take my mother, now 93 and largely in a wheelchair, across London to a cousin’s 60th birthday celebration. The journey, though a long one, looked simple enough: bus to our nearest Tube station (South Kensington), a Piccadilly Line straight to Eastcote, then a 7 minute bus journey to the Chinese […]

More questions for ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’

05 Feb

Since its revamp last year, the British edition of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ with Chris Tarrant, there are not only 12 questions to be answered correctly (with the help of three lifelines) in order to win a million quid. However I have a number of questions to ask about this quiz show:  1.  […]

Jerry Lee Lewis – Superstar!

03 Feb

Jerry Lee Lewis, now 72, is currently riding high after his third come-back/fourth bout of popularity in the USA. After the 1958 crash due to his third marriage, news of which broke in London on a tour here which was aborted after just three shows, Jerry made a big come-back ten years later as a Country star.  […]

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