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Down Memory Lane Again

30 Jan

Monday I went to Seven Sisters Tube station with a friend, and found myself in Tottenham High Road outside my old college. I was last a student there nearly 47 years ago – I left in mid-1961. Of course Seven Sisters Tube wasn’t there then – the Victoria Line hadn’t been built. It was only […]

20,000 police on the streets of London

29 Jan

These were the headlines last weekend, but unfortunately they were not talking about a sudden return en masse of the ‘bobby on the beat’. These were off duty policemen and policewomen demanding more pay. Normally you will rarely see a policeman or policewoman on the streets, though go abroad and they are everywhere. No wonder there […]

‘Hardened’ and ‘Healthy’ Skepticism

26 Jan

When it comes to things ‘paranormal’ it is wise to maintain a ‘healthy skepticism’, by which I mean not to be too gullible, but at the same time to keep an open mind about the possibilities, indeed likelihood, of the existence of many things which our science cannot yet fully explain. Whether it is ghosts […]

Changing language

22 Jan

‘How bona to vada your dolly old eek!’ Is it any wonder I and my mother, when watching TV, can’t understand much of what’s going on when the younger generation speak another language from us over 60s? Watching a TV program with a friend still in his 40s, everyone in the audience seemed to know […]

Tears for the GDR.

20 Jan

Last night they showed on TV the German film ‘Goodbye Lenin’ which I saw at the cinema when it first came out in 2003. It is about a Berlin woman happily living in the capital of the GDR (German Democratic Republic – East Germany). She knows everything is not perfect in her Socialist fatherland, but […]

Did Adrian Howard ever exist? Past-life regression.

18 Jan

This relates to a past-life regression session I had under hypnosis way back in 1993. I’d not done anything similar before, and haven’t done so since. I have no idea whether what I came up with whilst under hypnosis were real memories of past lives of mine, or whether they all came from my imagination, […]

When is a town not a town?

14 Jan

Answer: when it’s part of, or joined up to, a major metropolis. At least in my book. It annoys me intensely to see and hear, for instance, London boroughs and shopping centers in these boroughs referred to constantly as ‘towns’ or ‘town centers’. Thus the signs at Clapham Junction station, for instance, which used to indicate […]

Real Life Humor

10 Jan

 Q: What’s the link between all the pictures in the article below? Answer at the end. Click on the pictures to enlarge most of them. I feel in need of some light relief in the midst of a depressing time of the year when all sorts of things seem to be getting me down. I’ve […]

Age of Consent

07 Jan

There has been a heated argument on a music forum I belong to which all boiled down to the differing ages of consent in different parts of the world, at different times. For instance, Jerry Lee Lewis and his two sisters were all married before they reached 16, and these were all apparently perfectly legal in […]

New Year

02 Jan

There’s just as much bunk talked about each New Year as there is about Christmas. Both are entirely arbitary dates picked out of a hat. Why we should proclaim yesterday as the first day of a new year – January 1st, 2008 – is a complete mystery, buried somewhere in the secret deliberations of the early […]

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